Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Past, Pictures, and PAIN!

So since my last Novmeber...SO SO SO much as occured. I may have to break this up in several posts. First, and most importantly, Stuart and I got engaged!!!!! It was such a wonderful surprise as you can image after 6.5 years of dating. Yes I did use a 0.5...I'm a nurse...things are not 1/2. One reason I haven't posted in awhile is I was hating how blah my posts felt. What a bummer I was!! I felt down the dumps a lot at the end of last year, I know mostly from the anticipation/desire of getting engaged and being married. It took me over!!

Another reason I felt so blah about the blog (haha) is I had no pictures to share, well...problemed solved by my wonderful pa
rents who gave me a Nikon
DSLR camera for Christmas! I still have a lot to learn about this thing...but lucky me my bestie is a pro! (Love you Sarah)! Here are some pics from our engagement and Christmas.

PAIN!!!!! Today is now 05/06/10, I wrote the original post on 4/12/2010...I became frustrated with the speed of my computer and I could not figure out how to post pictures. This has been super annoying so I hope it works this time! Here goes...

The ring! I love my ring! In 6.5 years I never gave Stuart a hint of what I would want. He did it all on his own!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

The Happy Couple...we really are happy! Stuart hates my new camera! :)

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