Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sinking...In more ways than one.

First last weekend. I'm going to be brief but it was interesting.

Friday: i lost my iphone
Saturday : leak in roof
HUGE sink hole in backyard (see pics below)
Sunday: Stuart has to be at the airport REALLY EARLY
truck will not start
Stuart arrives in Philly - luggage however did not

We're not sure who we wronged, but it was a LONG weekend. Thankfully Stuart and I were able to laugh off the entire weekend because there really wasn't much we could do. I got a new phone, the sink hole was fixed, Stuart's battery was just dead and was able to be jumped, and thankfully his luggage arrived on Monday! These catastrophes were a reminder to not sweat the small stuff. Laughing about all these small mishaps was the best thing we could do!! We even got new sod in the backyard so really it turned out to be a WIN!

The fence suspended in air!

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