Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7th Annual MIM Crazy Crawfish

May 1, 2o10

For 7 years we have thrown a crawfish boil the same weekend as Music Fest, somewhat protesting the rain that always comes with the festival but also because we have a group full of
wanna be cajuns. This weekend has special meaning to Stuart and I in that we met this weekend 7 years ago.

In 2003, Kelleigh, Shawna and I had driven up from Little Rock to spend the weekend with Marlene and go to Music Fest. I think this was the last time it DIDN'T rain during Music Fest. We arrived Friday evening and met Marlene at some boys' apartment which turned out to be Stuart, Landon, and Rob's place. Everyone was meeting there and then heading to listen to the music. I don't remember all the details but we piled in a limo and were dropped off at the front gate of Music Fest. Now I know Stuart didn't make it in the limo and he was so mad!

Saturday was the birth of the annual crawfish boil. The sun was actually out and the day was beautiful! Stuart and I sat in a circle with several others and talked for a while. I was immediately drawn to his carefree attitude and just how fun he was! We had camping chairs, a keg, crawfish, some guy named Lunchbox, and lots of fun.

Since 2003 we have grown this get-together to a rather large back yard/garage party! We've had 2 parties in the side yard of the boys house, one in the backyard, one in Allyson's backyard, and now 2 in the Grey's garage! Here are some pics of years past and from this year. If you haven't come to this shin dig consider your self invited next year! Be prepared though the beer goes down the crawfish get hotter! My honey can boil some crawfish!

Crawfish 2010:

Chad lovin' the boil!

Nick, Will, Phil, and Rob 3 enjoying a little brew!

Table full of hot crawfish, garlic, potatoes, corn and sausage.
Some other things we've boiled: eggs, green beans, mushrooms (which is my fav).

Crawfish 2010. We hired this "one man band" (haha...inside joke) to play some tunes for a few hours! It was awesome to have live music! Definitely booked him for next year!

A Peek at one of our older boils:

Not sure what year this is but it was during the time that all the boys did was play Texas Hold 'Em. They even pulled out the cards at the crawfish boil!

Jared, Chad, Barry, and Stuart examining a boiling pot of crawfish.

If you have pics from other years email them to me and I'll post them here!


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