Thursday, May 6, 2010


My grandmother, mom, and aunts all LOVE gardening, or as they call it "playing in the dirt." The gene has been passed on and I love it too. This year however I decided the flower beds and planting would have to take a backseat to wedding planning.

I am going to enjoy what we do have though! Several years ago Stuart and I planted azalea's, hosta, and elephant ears in his flower bed. I wanted to share how georgeous the azalea's were this year!!
It's sad that their bright pink blooms are already gone! The quick disappearance of blooms has served as a reminder to me how quickly this season of our lives is going to pass.

Fortunately though there are so many other blessings to bloom in the summer! My elephant ears have not popped up yet and they are my favorite! They are SO INCREDIBLY big and majestic! They stand up so tall! We can't wait to start our marriage in the same way! Standing in front of our family and friends!!! Stuart and I have been going to pre-martial counseling which I pray serves as the nourishment that we need to start and grow a strong marriage - like the stalk of an elephant ear! :)

This is my favorite hosta. Most people like the verigated, but the unverigated what I love! The deep green colors and the way the water beads on the leaves when you water them is so pretty!

This is bloom from a gorgeous jasiman plant in the back yard! This photo is overexposed but I love how yellow this bush is!

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