Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Bedroom Apt

I live in a one bedroom apartment in the greatest community in Memphis, Harbor Town. There are many things I love about my apartment. First, it's within walking distance of many places/people I love...Stuart's house (approx. 1 mile away), Lindsey and Landon's (could throw a football to their house), the pool (a.k.a. Cancun Spring Break 2009), Miss Cordelia's, Meghan's, the list goes on and on. I love that it takes me maybe an hour to do a really through cleaning. I love that it takes 5 pieces of furniture to make my place homey. I love that I can burn one candle for 15 minutes and whole apartments smells delicious.

There are things that make me laugh about my apartment. It has a fireplace that could maybe hold one decent size log. This actually scares me too, thinking about other people lighting a log in their tiny fireplaces is not comforting. Also why do apartment planners think everything has to be mini? My fridge is mini, as well as the oven, and laundry closet. When I open the doors to put clothes in the dryer they scratch across the front of the dryer which sounds like finger nails on a chalk board. I also laugh because my closet feels bigger than the kitchen and the hall closet might hold 5 coats and barely holds my 1990 canister vacuum cleaner.

Living in a one bedroom apartment is not ideal, but I really do love it for now. I do miss my house in Joneboro with it's old feel and gigantic back yard. I miss working in the flower beds and watching my plants grow. I miss the picture window in the kitchen and the floor to ceiling shower curtain I made myself. I REALLY miss the hundred year old sycamore tree in the back yard. Even with all the sap and leaves it is so majestic and beautiful!! However I don't miss cutting the grass!!

I've lived in this one bedroom apartment for almost 5 months, I look forward to something bigger and my own. For now I'm going to enjoy this small place, call it home and appreciate this quaint little place.

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