Monday, October 12, 2009

Hills, The Hill, and Home

I went to Little Rock this weekend so Dad and I could go to Fayetteville for the Razorback game. Friday night Sarah and I went to dinner and on my way to her place I was yet again reminded how much I miss the hills of Little Rock. I know it's crazy, but driving up and down the curvy hills and seeing all the trees...ahhh I miss it so much!!! Memphis is so flat and urban! Although it was dreary I loved seeing all the hills again and I'll always appreciate that aspect of going home.

Sarah and I had a wonderful time at dinner. We had sushi at Samuri - which was okay. One of our rolls was a little questionable but still everything was pretty good. It was great to visit with her and have some fun. I can only imagine how Sarah feels day-to-day, it was nice to see her smile and laugh and also have a moment to talk about how she's doing. I wish so much we could go back to June and have sweet Mamie with us!!! I was so looking forward to watching my best friend with her little girl.

Dad and I made it up to The Hill around 10am Saturday morning. The weatherman was completely off. He said it was going to be 60 and sunny, well it was 50 and cloudy. Luckily I had packed a red sweater and thankfully I was comfortable during the game. We picked the perfect game to go to!!! When I was little I remember going to several games with my dad and it was so fun to have the experience again. At times we were biting our nails but mostly giving high fives and enjoying an Arkansas win!

After spending 6 hrs in the car to spend 3 hours in Fayetteville we made it home. A few sips of red wine and I was out for the count!!

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