Thursday, September 17, 2009


My next few posts will be about all the important people in my life. I thought I would start with my family since in the whole scheme of things they were the first people to know me.
My mom, Bonnie, is an incredible woman. She has worked hard for my brother and I so we could have many of the things she didn't have growing up. This meant a lot of sacrifice. I know more than anything she wanted to stay at home with us when we were young, but our education and the ability to participate in the activities we wanted to was so important to her as well. To this day she is still working full time and I'm sure wishing she could be home working in the flower beds. I appreciate her more than she knows. She and my dad sent me to private school, allowed me to cheer competitively (which involved lots of travel), and sent me to college (twice :), paid for me to be in a sorority, the list goes on. I appreciate all these things. But, more importantly my mom is my friend. She love me so much and it puts a smile on my face to think of her. She's always there, but she also knows when to push me to be a grown up. She's so kind hearted!

My dad, Wayne is pretty fabulous too!! One funny trait of his that I have seemed to adopt is repetition. If there is something he really wants to say he'll say it three times, three different ways in the same conversation. I've discovered that I to do that too. Like my mom, dad had worked hard to give me so much!! He's always been the one with the run down cars, beat up tennis shoes, and cereal for dinner :)...although I believe this is truly his favorite meal! My dad loves the simple things in life and has taught me to appreicate all that I have. In last few years he has started to build furniture which I am so excited about!!

Lastly is my brother Jesse who like my mom is a softy. He is very kind hearted, and does want to hurt anyone. Jesse's path through life has been hard, he doesn't see all that he can be and has allowed himself to follow a path through life that most of us wouldn't chose. However, I know a lot of folks praying for him - like me!! I KNOW one day he will be happy!! I was able to visit with him a few weeks ago with mom and dad and it was good!! We laughed about old times and talked about what's ahead. I'm just going to keep praying for my sweet little bro!!

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